WMD Member Nomination Form & Instructions

Dear WMD Member:

Thank you for nominating a special woman to join Wednesday Morning Dialogue. As her Sponsor, you are helping us to accomplish our goal of strengthening and deepening our membership with a broad representation of outstanding women. We are looking for a diversity of women who are accomplished in their fields and/or have made a difference in their communities. Please READ ON to better understand the established procedure of Nomination and Application to WMD. The form for submission is located at the bottom of this page.

Members are encouraged to bring guests and potential members to WMD all year round to our open meetings, with the exception of 2 fellowship events ~ our "Members Only Introduction Meeting" (January) and a Special Brunch or Dinner meeting at a member's Home (typically in October). We require every prospective member to attend at least 2 meetings before being officially nominated. This will allow your guest to get an idea about what the group is like, and to give our members the opportunity to interact with her. It is important to introduce your guest to the WMD President and other members of the Board prior to nominating her - if they haven't met her, she will not be voted in.

Before you ask your guest to consider WMD and before you complete the Nomination form, please read the Mission of WMD and note the following items from the membership section of the by-laws:

The Mission of WMD is "to gather together women in the community who have excelled in their field and profession; to provide them with an opportunity to become acquainted with each other and exchange ideas on topics of mutual interest; to encourage intellectual development and help open new vistas of thought."

Section 1. Members shall reside or work in Marin County

Section 4. The WMD Board of Directors will review each application and vote on the prospective new members in keeping with Article IV Section 4 of our bylaws, "Consideration is given to each nominee’s length and variety of occupation experience in the community, contributions to profession or field, and other evidence of accomplishment."

To submit your nomination, please complete the form below. Remember to ask your nominee to complete an "Application Form" by directing her to our website. Please read the Application & Instructions online before asking your nominee to fill it out - so that you can answer any of her questions. When she completes the form online and hits the SUBMIT button, the form will be automatically sent to the Membership Chair and Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will only consider and vote on new applicants when BOTH the Nomination form and Application form have been received. Please note that incomplete Nominations or Applications will not be considered. Once the Application and Nomination have been reviewed and approved, both the Nominee and Sponsor will be contacted by our Membership Chair. If, for some reason, her application is not approved, you, as the Sponsor, will be contacted immediately.

The Board of Directors accepts nominations and new applications from January through September. A new member joining from Jan - June will pay full Annual Dues. A new member joining July - September will pay half Annual Dues. No new members are accepted from October - December but guests and prospective members may attend the open meetings.

Annual dues are $150.00 and are payable at the December meeting prior to the start of the following year. Please discuss this with your nominee so she is familiar with this expense. When an application is approved, the new member will be required to pay her dues immediately in order to be a member in good standing.

Applications can be submitted anytime. The Board of Directors will approve applications
from January - September (please note above explanation.)


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